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Special Terms – Finestra Miner Warranty. Refunds/Returns

Last Updated: September 21, 2022

Note: The Finestra Miner Warranty applies to you if you purchase a Finestra Miner within the Site or an authorized reseller. The Finestra Miner Warranty is an integral part of the Mimiq Terms of Sale.

Special Terms for Finestra Miner Warranty

Finestra Miner comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase that covers manufacturing defects by Mimiq. 

Special Terms for Finestra Miner Refunds/Returns

All Returns, Refunds, Repair and Exchange  of Finestra Miner are subject to a $55 Handling Fee 


if the device being returned, exchange or repaired has not yet been onboarded to the Helium Network or has had its location asserted on to the Helium Network  


if the device is still under Warranty (not including Extended Warranty) and the Repair has been deemed by Mimiq Customer Service as being covered under that Warranty and does not invoke the $55 Handling Fee. 

The Handling Fee covers the $40 cost of onboarding to Helium, the $10 fee for location assertion and a $5 fee for administrative charges at Mimiq. 


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