Things to track.

Mimiq Thing Is a premium high-performance asset tracker that leverages breakthrough design and patented fabrication methods to deliver unprecedented location accuracy – indoors and outdoors –  in a card-sized form factor.

Compact Card-sized GPS Tracker for Asset Tracking, IoT and Enterprise Applications

Mimiq Thing is an ultra-compact LoRaWAN GPS tracker that will bring the visibility you need in your mobile asset management – making previously untraceable assets traceable. Due to its vanishingly small form factor, you can attach Mimiq Thing to a wide range of enterprise assets without it being noticeable or easily removed. With global coverage*, no sim-card fees and months of battery life, Mimiq Thing helps lowering costs and freeing up resources.

GPS Tracker

* subject to where coverage is available based on Helium Network, other partnered LoRaWAN networks and local LoRaWAN frequencies. 

Wide range of Applications

Mimiq Thing makes a difference in a wide range of applications supported by both software and hardware. With ready-to-go ‘skills’ for use cases, add-on sensors and  multiple attachment options, you can install Mimiq Thing on any mission critical asset.

Surface attachments reusable and permanent

Livestock collar for cattle tracking

Badge attachment for personnel safety

Indoor, Yard and Roaming – Track with a single device

Unlike most traditional trackers that rely solely on cellular GPS or BLE Beaconing, Mimiq Thing gives you the most accurate geolocation reading whether your asset is indoor or outdoor. Our cloud-based geolocation solver will only report the most accurate location result to you. 

With our Mimiq Fi technology we figure out the best way to keep you connected – Bluetooth, Helium Network or other LoRaWAN networks.


Track your gear
Track shipments

Small pieces make the bigger picture

Locating assets is one half of the solution; the other half is managing those assets. With the geofence feature, you know when a tracked asset enters or leaves a determined zone. 

Mimiq Thing alerts you when your asset is experiencing critical levels of tilt, vibration or impact. Now educated actions can be taken to prevent machine failures, overcome operational inefficiencies and improve worker behavior.

Take good care of your workforce

With its rare form factor, Mimiq Thing can be carried with ease. 

Mimiq Thing has a fall detection feature in case an employee requires immediate assistance. There is also the SOS button on Mimiq Thing which sends an alert to the cloud, indicating an emergency at the given location.

Mimiq App
 Easier to find

Extend your capabilities

External sensor modules can be added to Mimiq Thing via the on-board expansion port. Additional sensors like temperature and humidity, gyroscope, barometer and many other sensor modules can be added to Mimiq Thing.

The very same port can be used to connect a custom battery pack which can make Mimiq Thing last up to 5 years.

True Edge of Innovation

Besides tracking and monitoring applications, Mimiq Thing is also a great add-on if you have other sensor modules onboard your industrial assets. Mimiq Thing can behave as a lean gateway by allowing BLE pairing or wired data interface with those modules to receive and transmit their sensor data to your cloud via LoRaWAN.

Mimiq Track
 Easier to find

Full System Solution

Use our Mimiq Thing Fleet Platform to manage and configure your devices in the field. Adjust device settings, organize your fleet and define rules for data reporting.

Our extensible Mimiq Cloud makes for a seamless integration between your existing Enterprise Software and tracker fleet, allowing for customized tracker applications as well as promoting a truly optimal overall experience.

Privacy and Security in all stages

Mimiq Thing does not use cameras or microphones to do its things. In fact, the internal GPS in Mimiq Thing remains turned off and powers up only when it is moved. 

Mimiq Thing uses LoRaWAN communication protocol for all data transmissions to the cloud. All LoRaWAN messages are AES-128 encrypted.

Mimiq Track

LoRaWAN has you covered

Movement-based Tracking

No cellular data subscription required. LoRaWAN communication protocol allows you to run your IoT devices under the noise level so you stay connected in toughest environments.

Mimiq Thing scans for geolocation data within determined time intervals only if the device has moved, so you save up battery power.

Designed for Indoors & Outdoors

Smart Sensors

Getting location fix both indoors and outdoors via GNSS and WIP. Attachments are designed to be highly durable and weatherproof for outdoor applications.

3-axis accelerometer can detect movement, impact, tilt and vibration. The device alerts you for unauthorized movement and critical levels of impact, tilt and vibration.

Multiple Attachments

Extensible Monitoring

Field applications require multiple attachments. Mimiq Thing can come with a surface attachment, badge attachment and cattle collar.

Additional sensor modules can be added to Mimiq Thing via the expansion port. Our cloud automatically directs the added sensor data to your desired end-point.


Device Management


Mimiq Thing
USB-C Charger Adapter
Industrial Attachments
Instruction booklet

Mimiq Thing Fleet Platform

3rd Party Software Integration via HTTP and MQTT requests

Bluetooth 5.21
LoRaWAN2 US 915, AU 915, EU 868
(additional frequencies anticipated)

Color & Material


Matte white

  • FR4, Glass fiber reinforced Polyarylamide

Height: 0.13 inch (3.3 mm)
Width: 3.34 inch (85mm)
Depth: 2.12 inch (54mm)




Expansion Port for any additional sensors

Sound Indicator

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
Up to 3-months on a single charge³

Additional battery pack is available for up to 5 years of battery life

You can download the datasheet here.

¹ No obstacle between the source and Mimiq Thing, environment may impact the effective range.

² Depends on LoRa network coverage.

³ Under normal usage conditions.