Who we are

Mimiq, Inc. is building 5th Generation IoT and LoraWAN integrated solutions that make the lives of the People easier and more secure. We’re doing this by providing various tracking, security, and new-age network infrastructure products that allow anyone to stay connected to their assets, homes, and loved ones.

Mimiq’s groundbreaking connectivity technology, software intelligence, and always-on hardware, allows the People to enjoy peace of mind in their home, office, vehicles, and securely stay in-sync with their assets.

Using secure wireless communication, cutting-edge sensors, and artificial intelligence, Mimiq is redefining what it means to stay connected and changing the game of how things interact with people – Our products and solutions are designed to actively connect the People to what matters most to them, serving as a convenient, trusted addition to their daily routines.

Our Products

Mimiq GO: Mimiq GO sets the benchmark for portable digital security, the in-between situations that traditional  ‘fixed’ security systems don’t address. Mimiq GO  keeps tabs on your gear, room, or workspace and sounds an alarm, and sends notifications to your app if your gear is shifted, or someone enters your room.

Mimiq Track: Drop a card-sized Mimiq Track into your backpack, attach it to your bike, professional gear, or car. Whether heading to the gym, on a trip or just parked at home, get notified instantly anytime your things are moved or relocated. You can even use Mimiq Track for critical packages/shipments on their way to the destination.

FinestraMiner:  The first community and FCC-certified Helium hotspot designed from the ground up for the mainstream consumer. The sleek, easy-to-use, consumer-friendly cryptocurrency miner and IoT gateway install in seconds – either directly on a windowpane or shelf-top – providing optimum coverage and performance from indoors, avoiding the risks of exterior installation. The FinestraMiner enables anyone to mine Helium Network Tokens (HNT).

The device connects with LoRaWAN-equipped devices in its coverage area, and in turn connects to the in-premises broadband router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to provide cloud connectivity. FinestraMiner addresses the desire of everyone – not just blockchain geeks and RF experts – to be part of the People’s Network. Our lovingly crafted, easy-to-use, consumer-ready hardware requires no special setup, mounting,  tweaking or after-market antennas to get great performance. Just power up and get mining.

Mimiq Track Enterprise:  Mimiq Track Enterprise is a premium high-performance tracking solution that leverages breakthrough design and patented fabrication methods to deliver unprecedented location accuracy -indoors and outdoors – in card -sized form factor.


Contact Us:

Contact Address: 555 Bryant St, #819 Palo Alto, California 94301 USA

Company Website: mimiq.io

Contact Number: +1 (408) 461-5797

Contact Email: [email protected]