Who we are
Mimiq (formerly known as Smart Mimic) is building the future of security on the go, with its groundbreaking hardware, software intelligence, and low-cost always-on network coverage. Located in Silicon Valley, the company offers fifth-generation low-power, long-range connected consumer devices for portable safety and security on the go for consumers, their gear, and the spaces they occupy.

Mimiq gives people more control over their space and things no matter where they are. Whether someone enters your space uninvited or you want to keep tabs on valuables (vehicles, bikes, wallets, packages etc.), Mimiq provides more awareness and safety in today’s fast-paced world. The devices are simple to use and can fit in the palm of your hand to give you peace of mind anytime, anywhere with instant notifications via the Mimiq app.

Mimiq also produces a gateway and Helium Network Miner, designed with the consumer in mind.

Our Products

Mimiq GO: Mimiq GO sets the benchmark for portable digital security, the in-between situations that traditional  ‘fixed’ security systems don’t address. Mimiq GO  keeps tabs on your gear, room, or workspace and sounds an alarm, and sends notifications to your app if your gear is shifted, or someone enters your room.

Mimiq Track: Drop a card-sized Mimiq Track into your backpack, attach it to your bike, professional gear, or car. Whether heading to the gym, on a trip or just parked at home, get notified instantly anytime your things are moved or relocated. You can even use Mimiq Track for critical packages/shipments on their way to the destination.

FinestraMiner:  The first community and FCC-certified Helium hotspot designed from the ground up for the mainstream consumer. The sleek, easy-to-use, consumer-friendly cryptocurrency miner and IoT gateway install in seconds – either directly on a windowpane or shelf-top – providing optimum coverage and performance from indoors, avoiding the risks of exterior installation. The FinestraMiner enables anyone to mine Helium Network Tokens (HNT).

The device connects with LoRaWAN-equipped devices in its coverage area, and in turn connects to the in-premises broadband router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to provide cloud connectivity. FinestraMiner addresses the desire of everyone – not just blockchain geeks and RF experts – to be part of the People’s Network. Our lovingly crafted, easy-to-use, consumer-ready hardware requires no special setup, mounting,  tweaking or after-market antennas to get great performance. Just power up and get mining.


Our Technology

Using advanced IoT, secure wireless communication, sensors, artificial intelligence on the edge and space age materials technology, Mimiq is redefining personal and portable security for consumers and small businesses across the US and worldwide. 

The core technology defines fifth generation of consumer ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) devices  designed to anticipate behaviors and needs using edge intelligence; privacy-first cloud  services; mindlessly free ‘always on’ connectivity even out of bluetooth range; seemingly  limitless charge that lasts months; and green from the get go with fully rechargeable  batteries

The devices do not use any microphones or cameras and are designed from ground up to put safety and privacy first.

While Mimiq plans to offer various premium services around their products, the devices require no data plans or sim cards nor is there a need for any recurring subscription. The company uses highly specialized IoT network partners to deliver ‘always on’ network connectivity for their devices. 

Our Company

Headquartered in San Francisco, Mimiq has subsidiaries in Turkey and Canada and is building distribution partnerships globally. Founding investments for Mimiq came from key Amazon, Apple, and Google alumni and executives as well as strategic investments from IoT network providers and security companies. 

Wherever you live, work or play, Mimiq will help you take back control, feel safer, and carefully track your space, gear, valuables, and more.