The Covid-19 pandemic is resulting in a lot of unemployment which might eventually lead to increased crime rates. We might see more cases of burglary and theft as more and more people become unable to put bread on the table. 

During such troubled times, it is important that you maintain your own safety by installing a dedicated security system.

But that being said, a home security system won’t just simply protect you from mishaps but also offer many more benefits. In fact, here is a list covering 12 reasons why you should get a security system for your home.

But first, let’s quickly go over this short guide on how to choose a smart home security system.

How to Choose a Smart Home Security System?

Security System

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Here is a look at a few questions you should discuss with your home security provider before deciding to use their service:

  • How will it protect my home?
  • What is the cost of all the security equipment? Are they covered by warranty?
  • What type of customer support or tech support am I entitled to?
  • How will the home security system be installed?
  • Will the security system function in the event of a power outage?
  • Can I connect more equipment to the security system in the future?

These will help you understand the scope of the security system and how it will be protecting your household. 

Alternatively, you can also go for a DIY home security solution. Here, you will be able to set up a more personalized and customized security solution tailored to your needs and requirements.

Remember, at the end of the day, each home is different, and the security system needs to be adjusted depending on your lifestyle. 

Now that you know how to choose the right home security solution, here are 12 reasons why you should get a security system for your home.

1- Allows You to Monitor Your Home Remotely

Almost all smart home security systems will come with a security camera. This can be wirelessly connected to your smartphone through an App. You can then use this app to connect to the security camera and see real-time footage of whatever is going on in your household.

 As such, even if you are out of town or on a vacation in a foreign country, you will still be able to see if someone has broken into your household. In fact, the cameras even come with a motion detector, so they will inform you on detecting motion inside the household, and then send you the footage.

 You can then use it to call your local police station and stop a burglary in the process.

2- Keep an Eye on the Kids and Elderly

Eye on the Kids

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The security cameras and remote monitoring features will also help you to keep an eye on the kids as well as your elderly parents. 

You can use the cameras to check in from time to time to see if everything is okay.

Some cameras even come with a speaker and mic allowing you to talk with your kids or parents even while you are in office.

Also, some of these home surveillance kits come with a child safety lock. This prevents toddlers and small children from accidentally disconnecting a call.

3- Can Help You Get Medical Assistance Quicker

Getting quick medical attention is crucial for a positive recovery. And this is more so the case for elderly citizens.  

Traditionally, at the time of a medical emergency, you are required to call a medical professional. However, if you are compromised to make a call by dialing on your phone, you can simply order the home security system to call the hospital or one of your loved ones for help. 

Alternatively, if you are feeling too sick, then you might give a loved one access to the security camera to check up on you periodically. This ensures that if anything bad happens, that person will be able to call for medical assistance asap ensuring a positive prognosis.

4- Can Scare Away Burglars and Thieves

Scare Away Burglars

We all know the saying – “prevention is better than cure.” As such, deterring away burglars and thieves should always be the primary motive. 

This is why you should always have an alarm system as a part of your home security suite to scare away criminals. For example, you can try out our new gadget – Mimic GO™, which is a feature-rich portable personal safety alarm device. 

It is an incredibly small and portable device that you can attach to any surface – including doors and windows. Thieves and burglars most likely won’t see the device, but if they try to open the door or window, then it will trigger a loud alarm, thereby scaring away the intruder. 

Not just that, but the device will also send you an alert notification on your mobile, so you can call the cops asap. 

And the best part is that Mimic GO™ doesn’t require any specialized installation. All you need to do is connect it to your smartphone with Mimic app, and you are good to go.

For more information about Mimic GO™ and our limited pre-order promotion click here.

5- Helps You Find Evidence of Burglary

In the unfortunate event that a burglary does take place, having that recorded on a home security system acts as an authentic source of evidence. You can also use our new gadget Mimic GO™ for this. It can store data of all your alerts which you can show to the police to find the introducers and retrieve your stolen valuables.  

We also encourage that you keep a security camera installed as well. Having access to the actual security footage of the burglary will also help you get insurance claims on anything that might have been broken or destroyed when the crime took place.

6- Have a Security Professional Monitor Your Home

Some home security system providers offer the option of having your home monitored by a team of security professionals. This is a very useful feature especially if you leave the town often on business meetings where you can’t focus on checking up on your home. 

Now, by having this service, you can rest assured as a team of security professionals is constantly monitoring your household and checking for any abnormalities. If any issue does come up, they can call the respective authorities and thereby, provide protection from any potential mishap. 

All the while, you can focus on your business, or relax on your vacation.

7- Protection From Fire

Protection From Fire

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Home security systems are just about catching burglars. They also come with smoke and heat detectors. 

These sensors can be programmed to raise an alarm if there is an abnormal amount of smoke and heat generating in a particular place in your home. Not just that, but they will also send an alert notification to your mobile as well as the local fire department. 

This allows you and the authorities to take quick action to minimize the damage.

As you know, it only takes a few minutes before a simple flame can go bezerk and burn down an entire household. And having a smart home security system gives you the time advantage to put out that fire before it causes any damage.

8- Prevents Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can be released from charcoal, stove, or any heating system that you might have in your home.  

Too much carbon monoxide is poisonous and can cause serious health issues like carbon monoxide poisoning. Now, most modern home security systems come with carbon monoxide detectors. It can alert you if your household has dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide.  

Furthermore, if there are elderly people living in the house who can’t leave the premises quickly, the system can be programmed to call paramedics as soon as high levels of the gas is detected.

9- Gives a Peace of Mind

Going over all the points we discussed above, you can clearly see that having a smart home security system can provide unparalleled peace of mind.

It allows us to be one step ahead of any bad thing that might happen. This includes burglary as well as gas leaks, or even a potential fire break out. 

You can always rest assured that if anything bad were to happen, you have a system in place that will inform you asap. Not just that, but you can monitor in,  whenever you get that gut feeling that something is not right, and feel more at ease.

10- Saves Money on Home Insurance

Owning a home comes with a lot of associated expenses including home insurance. Now the cost of your insurance policy will depend on the things that it covers including fire damage, burglary, as well as damage from natural disasters.

 However, did you know that having a home security system in place can lead to reduced 10-20% insurance premiums. As such, you are saving money on your insurance which you can just use to pay for the home security system or save for something else.

11- First Step for Setting Up Home Automation

Home Automation

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Having a wireless alarm system that can connect with your phone and other smart home products/gadgets is an excellent way to get started with setting up home automation. 

This ensures that your home is safe and protected from different types of problems, which should be your number one priority. 

Once that’s taken care of, you can start adding other devices into the systems that are focused around the quality of life improvements.

12- They Aren’t Expensive

First and foremost, you need to understand that security systems aren’t as expensive as you may think. However, if the upfront cost does seem like a big issue then why not use our affordable Mimic GO™ personal security gadget.

It is super easy-to-use and moves you one step closer to a smart home solution. Furthermore, you can get more Mimic devices and attach it to more of your doors and windows to make your home completely secure from all angles. 

In case of security, instead of thinking about the cost, consider the benefits for a second.

Having a dedicated system that can contact the police or the appropriate authorities during a burglary, fire, or any medical emergency is indispensable. 

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