Setting up a home security system might seem like a really complex job but it doesn’t need to be. In fact, you can take small and easy steps starting today to make your home more safe and secure from burglary and theft.

And it is actually high time to get started!

The Coronavirus Pandemic is leading to global economic instability. Many people are losing their jobs which might eventually lead to increased rates of burglary and theft. In these situations, it is always best to be safe rather than sorry.

Keeping this in mind, we have put together a list of 12 easy ways for you to burglar-proof your home. These are small and simple steps you can take right now to ensure your home will be safe and protected from a thief’s prying eyes.

1- Add a Security Sign

Security Sign

Burglars don’t want to get caught when they are “committing the act”. 

As such, if you manage to put fear into the thieves that your place is secured and well fortified, they might drop the idea of breaking in the first place.

And the best part is that you don’t necessarily need to invest in buying a dedicated home security system. Just putting up a sign like “this place is under CCTV surveillance” and that should scare off a handful of burglars from breaking in.

Power Tips:

  • Add a security sticker to all your first-floor windows to steer away thieves from breaking them to get in.

Note: Some burglars will be a bit less cautious and more adventurous. In this case, a security sign will not be enough to save your valuables. As such, also incorporate the other tips we mention in this article.

2- Lock Your Doors and Windows

Did you know that in most cases, a burglar doesn’t have to “break-in” to the household? Either the owners have left the front door open while leaving their home, or there is an open window on the first floor for the burglar to use.

As such, the most simple step in improving home security would be to start using the locks that come with your doors and windows. 

Power Tips:

  • Attach a sticky note to the front door to remind you to lock up before leaving.

3- Install an Alarm System

Alarm System

Now that you have locked your doors and windows, it’s time to install a dedicated alarm system to make sure they remain locked and secured unless opened by you. If and when an intruder or an unauthorized individual tries to unlock the doors and windows, the alarm system will get activated and scare off the burglar.

On top of having a dedicated alarm system, we also recommend that you try out our new security gadget – Mimic GO™. It is a personal alarm system that complements your in-house alarm system. It is super portable and can be used to protect almost any item in your household.

All you need to do is attach the device to any house-hold item and set an alarm from its companion mobile app. Now, when a person tries to move the item, Mimic GO™ will trigger a loud alarm. You will also get an alert notification on your mobile informing you that someone is trying to move the item, enter an area or open your door.

As you can guess, it offers you an excellent way to burglar-proof many of the important things that are inside your home, including your gun-safe.

Check out this revolutionary security gadget, Mimic GO™ now.

4- Invest in Front Door Security

Your front door is the first point of entry for burglars trying to break into the home. As such, you should invest in good front door security. 

This starts from using a strong lock and a well-build door that can’t be easily broken. Apart from that, you can also attach Mimic GO™ to the doorknob on the inside of your home. 

On detecting that someone is trying to turn the doorknob, it will trigger a loud alarm and also send an alert notification to your phone. 

Power Tips:

  • Move on from chain locks as they can be easily broken and not a good way to lock your door.
  • Add a peephole on your door to see who is knocking before you decide to open the door for them.

5- Add a Window Sensor

If you live on the ground floor, then windows pose a great security vulnerability. It is easy for burglars to pry open a Window using a crowbar and enter your premises.

This is why we recommend installing a good Window Lock. On top of that, you can also attach Mimic GO™ to your Window. Similar to the previous use case, it will trigger an alarm when someone tries to open the Window.

The loud alarm should scare away the thieves or catch the attention of your neighbours.

Power Tips:

  • Add a Glass Break Sensor that will listen for the sound of glass breaking and trigger an alarm.
  • Use a window film that will stop other people from seeing into your home.

6- Secure Your Garage

After unlocked doors and windows, the next best place burglars like to break-in are through garage doors.

Too many people forget to lock their garage doors on their way out. This is a disaster, especially if there is an unlocked attached door inside the garage that directly leads to your home.

And even if there aren’t any attached doors, the burglar can still steal any valuables you have stored in the garage.

As such, always remember to secure your garage door. You can also place Mimic GO™ inside the garage on any wall surface. It comes with a motion detection sensor. On seeing any person moving around in the garage it will start an alarm. You will also get a notification on your phone allowing you to act quickly and call the cops.

7- Get a Burglar Decoy

Burglar Decoy

All burglars are afraid of getting caught. As such, after breaking in, they will be in a hurry to get out and quickly grab any valuables they can find. This is more so the case if your personal alarm just went off.

As such, if you plant a decoy in your home, then the burglar is most likely to take it and run away instead of searching around for more expensive and valuable things inside your home.

A good idea for a burglar decoy would be setting aside some cash and imitation jewelry along with a few fake legal papers, and storing them inside a drawer in your master bedroom. A hurried burglar is very likely to grab this and run away, sparing you from being robbed of more expensive stuff.

8- Use Social Media Wisely

Media Wisely

We all like to update friends and family on Social Media about any big thing happening in our lives. This can be anything from going on a vacation to buying a new car or an apartment.

However, since these are public platforms, all people have access to the information that you posted, including burglars.

If you broadcast that you are leaving on a vacation the following week, they can plan their burglary accordingly. As such, it is always wise to post about your vacations after you have come back.

Power Tips:

  • We tend to post pictures of keys to our new car or apartment on social media. This is a big no-no! Getting a look at the keys allows criminals to forge a duplicate key which compromises our security.

9- Use Home Automation to Trick Intruders

When you leave for a vacation, your home lights and other electrical devices remain off. This gives burglars indication that no one is home so they attempt a break-in.

 This is where automated home equipment comes into the picture.

 By installing a home automation system, you can program the lights and fans to go on and off at a scheduled time. As such, even when you are on a vacation, this creates the illusion that you are still home, thereby, reducing the chances that a burglar might want to break in.

10- Protect Your Mail

Protect Your Mail

Thieves managing to steal your mail will get access to sensitive and confidential information which can be dangerous.

This is why we recommend installing a security mailbox over traditional ones. These are made of heavy-duty steel and require a key to open it. The mailman can still slide in the mails as easily as before.

 Power Tips: 

  • Have the security sign near the mailbox. You can also install a dummy security camera if you don’t want to spend money on a real one. The notion of being watched will deter the thieves and even nosy neighbors from checking your mail.

11- Don’t Let Random People Enter Your Home

All of us wish to be good human beings and offer hospitality to our guests. However, if you are too good, then bad people will take advantage of you.

For example, when you let strangers into your home, they can now see the complete inside of your home including insecure areas and potential points of entry. These strangers can be salespeople, delivery persons, and so on.

As such, make sure to complete any and all transactions at the door. Also, if they want some water, offer to bring them a glass, but don’t let them in. 

12- Teach Your Kids About Home Security

We have covered a ton of inexpensive and easy to implement techniques for making your home safe and burglar-proof. However, do remember to teach these to your kids as well. 

Make sure that they understand the importance of locking doors and windows when leaving home. Also, teach them not to post sensitive household information on social media. 

This also includes recording vlogs that show the inside view of the home. Getting their hands on these videos can help burglars plan a flawless break-in.

Wrapping Up

So, these were a couple of ways that you can use to burglar-proof your home. We hope you found this useful and that you will become more proactive about in-home security.

Keep following our blog for more tips and tricks on how to make your home and yourself safer and more secure. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family, so they too can make their home safe from burglars.