Dorm room theft can be very distressing for students who live away from home. In the case of thefts, everyone who lives with you can be a potential suspect and no one will admit to stealing which makes trusting your peers very difficult. Questioning your friends can put them off as no one likes to be suspected of being a thief and it can also lead to misunderstandings and fights. 

If you want to keep yourself protected from theft in your dorm, it is important to have the right precautionary measures. Here are some essential security tips that you should follow to keep yourself safe. Even if you have the best-in-class security at your campus, it is very easy to compromise common security measures. 

1- Hide Your Personal Belongings

Personal Belongings

If you have expensive gadgets or jewelry, we recommend keeping your personal belongings hidden. Use them only when you need to avoid prying eyes. You don’t need to show your fancy leather bag or brand-new smartphone when you are not using them. Don’t keep your belongings lying around and keep them safely hidden in a bag or storage space. Dorm security is your own responsibility no matter how many security measures are in place on campus.  

If you are leaving your dorm with your roommates in charge, consider covering your belongings with a blanket. We recommend using lockable luggage so you can secure your belongings before you leave your dorm every time. While it is possible that someone could steal your luggage bag, it is much easier to identify such instances of theft than someone sneaking your smartphone away in their pockets. 


  • Invest in a safe 
  • Lock your belongings in your luggage bag
  • Be conspicuous with expensive items 

2- Invest in a Secure Drawer

In addition to keeping your items locked, it is also important to draw boundaries with your roommates when it comes to using each other’s items. Make it clear that they should not be “borrowing” your belongings without explicit permission from you. But keeping things locked is a much easier and safer precaution. Consider getting a table with proper drawer safety mechanisms in place to avoid theft. 

Consider getting a drawer table or a study table with a lockable drawer. It is one of the best ways to boost your dorm room security. While robbers will still be able to break into your drawer and steal your belongings, it is not going to be an easy feat for your roommates or other people living in the building. Petty thieves will not go through the effort of breaking into someone else’s drawer most of the time.

Another neat trick you can pull off when you are leaving for an extended period of time to have a piece of paper behind your drawer. If someone opens your drawer forcibly you will know when you’re back if the paper is missing or fallen off. It is a simple but effective way to spot discrete thefts. 


  • Invest in a drawer with a secure lock 
  • Always keep the keys to your belongings with you 
  • Do not let roommates touch your belongings without your permission

3- Know Disciplinary Rules of Your Dorm

Before you settle into a dorm, consider talking to the authorities to find out how they deal with disciplinary breaches and criminal activity. Ask them if there have been instances of theft in the past and how they deal with it. Also, be aware of the local law and how theft is punishable. While dorm door security and dorm room security services should be the norm, no system is foolproof and thefts can happen. 

If you are living in a dorm on a school or college campus, there are rules in place to ensure all occupants are disciplined and respect each other’s personal space. Go through all the rules that are in place and be aware of your rights. If you run into any trouble and notice that any of your belongings are missing, talk to the resident manager or respective authorities immediately. 

In order to avoid confrontation with others living in the dorm, it is important to go through official channels to file a complaint. If something is stolen from you, it is likely that others have missing items too. By bringing things up to authorities, you increase your chances of recovering what is lost instead of leading to unnecessary confrontations with your peers. 


  • Inform security personnel when leaving the dorm 
  • Know local laws and dorm rules
  • Report thefts directly to authorities and local police if necessary

4- Setup Alarms

If there are not enough security measures in place at your dorm, consider setting up a basic DIY alarm for yourself at the very least. If you have the budget you can go for something that has a built-in motion sensor, but you can choose whatever suits your needs. There are plenty of dorm security products available online to choose from to keep your belongings safe. 

A door alarm is useful only if you live alone in your room. With roommates, it can be difficult to have a proper alarm system as you may have different schedules as your roommates. Regardless, consider having an intruder alarm or a personal alarm for your windows and storage space to avoid theft. In most cases, a loud alarm scares thieves into leaving your belongings untouched. Alarms that connect to your smartphone let you know when an intruder tries to steal your belongings even when you are away from your dorm. 


  • Setup window alarms 
  • Concealed cameras can help record theft 
  • Door alarms can help alert nearby people of an intruder

5- Invest in a Personal Security Tool

Personal Security Tool

Consider investing in a personal tool that lets you secure your belongings and dorm room at all times. Mimic GO™ is the first personal portable security gadget in the world to do that thanks to its dedicated sensors, phone notification system, and alarms. It lets you secure your dorm room without spending money on data fees or expensive installation charges. You can get notified whenever there is a break-in in your dorm room. 

You can keep your personal belongings secured with the tool by attaching the gadget to your backpack, laptop, bicycle, luggage. In addition to belongings protection, you also get area protection, reminders, and more. There are multiple additional features including a thermometer, motion sensor, gyroscope, and more.  All you need to do is to attach your mimic, set the skill from the app, and boom, you are all secured. You do not need any monthly subscriptions and it’s a one-time investment. If you are looking for a laptop security tool or a personal alarm, a security tool like Mimic GO™ is a must-have!

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  • Invest in smart home products / gadgets 
  • Setup your gadget to work with your smartphone or laptop. 
  • Wireless alarm systems can be synced with your personal gadget for a all-in-one security hub. 

6- Secure Your Gadgets

If you have multiple gadgets like smartphones and laptops consider making use of secure passwords. Always have your data backed up on a storage device or on the cloud to ensure you do not lose sensitive information in case of a theft. More discrete gadgets like wireless headphones, smartwatches and smart speakers should be kept hidden and used only when you need them. 

You do not want to show off what you own to your roommates and other inhabitants of your dorm building. It can attract negative attention and make you vulnerable to thefts. Never share your passwords with anyone and do not lend others your expensive belongings. If you do lose any of your gadgets, try to remotely wipe all data if it is an option for you. Most smartphones and laptops allow you to remotely wipe all data to protect your private information. 


  • Do not share passwords to your smartphone or laptop 
  • Keep gadgets hidden from plain sight 
  • Do not use your gadgets unless you need them

7- Contact the Cops

Contact the Cops

If you lose your belongings, talk to authorities immediately. In case of more expensive things being stolen, file a police complaint at the earliest. Most thieves sell off whatever is stolen immediately so you do not want to risk your belongings being sold off to a complete stranger never to be seen again. 

If you own gadgets, keep the serial numbers and invoices safely hidden away at all times as they will be needed when filing a complaint. When purchasing gadgets consider getting insurance as well in case the police are unable to retrieve your items. If the authorities of your dormitory are not cooperating with you, consider informing it to the local police to strict action may be taken. 


  • Contact the cops in case of a theft 

  • Keep invoices and serial numbers backed up 

  • Opt for insurance for more expensive belongings

These are the top 7 tips you should follow in case you are moving into a dorm. Remember, you are responsible for your own safety. No matter how good your dorm security is, you should definitely take a few extra steps to prevent theft. 

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