The garage is a very special place for most of us. It is more than just storage space for our cars. It is where we work with our tools and build things. Even some of the biggest tech companies were formed inside garages! But what would happen if someone broke into your garage and stole all of your precious valuables? 

Today we will be taking a look at some of the best ways to protect yourself from a garage break in. Let’s find out how you can setup a burglar alarm for your garage and keep yourself safe from intruders. From the best theft prevention practices to some incredibly handy tools that you may have never tried yet, we got you covered with 7 different ways to protect your garage from burglary!

1- Improve Your Lighting

Improve Your Lighting

If you do not have good lighting around your garage, you are only drawing the attention of burglars. The best way to dissuade burglars away and prevent thefts is to have a well-lit home and this includes your garage area as well. When setting up lighting, make sure that you leave no blind spots that burglars can take advantage of. Floodlights are strongly recommended as they are very bright and can not only keep burglars away but also helps you navigate around your home with ease.

But what if burglars do not care about your lighting and break into your garage anyway? This is one of the biggest arguments from people who do not invest in proper lighting. Even if burglars do break-in, having proper lighting makes it easier for you to capture CCTV footage or have others spot a burglary while you are away. It is better to have these basic precautionary measures in place to keep yourself safe and it boosts your overall security alarm systems. 


  • Use floodlights
  • Look for blind spots
  • Use protective covering on your lights 

2- Readjust Your Landscaping

Sometimes crowded bushes around your home or unnecessary trees may help a burglar. If burglars want to break into your home, no amount of theft prevention measures will help you do not landscape your home properly. Ensure that there is no cover available for thieves to hide from your garage door security systems. 

Remove any bushes or trees that are blocking your security cameras’ vision to your garage good. On the other hand, you should consider placing prickly bushes near the windows of your garage to make it difficult for anyone to break into the garage via windows. You should also consider securing your fences to ensure there are no easy breaches available for burglars to break in. Most importantly, monitor your home periodically to see any unusual changes. Most burglars plan in advance and try to find weak spots in security they can exploit. 


  • Plant prickly bushes and cacti around garage windows
  • Don’t block lighting for your security cameras
  • Periodically check for any potential landscaping flaws

3- Garage Door Security

Garage Door Security

The garage door is your primary form of security against burglars. You can do a lot when it comes to preventing a garage door break in. One of the most cost-effective ways of reinforcing your garage door is to have an additional shutter to make it harder for burglars to break in. Reinforced hinges and protective covering on your locks help a lot as well. 

When it comes to locks, consider investing in high quality locks that are not easy to destroy. Having a security alarm also helps a lot as you get alerted on your smartphone in case of unauthorized access. If you do not want to invest a ton of money into your garage infrastructure you can also setup a garage DIY alarm using smart tools and your smartphone. A number of break-ins happen due to carelessness. If you have a service door in addition to your normal garage door, do setup proper security systems for that as well! 


  • Use reinforced doors to prevent burglars from breaking in
  • Use high-quality locks
  • Always double-check when locking your garage door 

4- Choose a Smart Gadget to Secure Yourself

You can opt for a smart security gadget like Mimic GO™ to protect yourself. It syncs with most home automation tools like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more. The tool can trigger your smart speakers and it has a built-in speaker of its own to alert you in case of any intrusions in your garage. The smart gadget is not only perfect as a burglar alarm for your garage but also as your entire home’s security system. 

Mimic GO™ is the world’s first portable security gadget of its kind and it allows you to sync your phone notifications, garage alarms and other security sensors under a single hub. You do not have to pay any data fees or subscribe to any services to use it. Simply setup the tool with your existing security systems and you are good to go. 

Mimic GO™ is capable of sensing danger and notifying you instantly. Its in-built alarm can scare away burglars. All of this is made possible in an affordable and tiny package which is very easy to setup. If you are looking for an affordable way to secure your garage, do check the tool out! 


  • Secure your garage with smart home automation systems
  • Setup remote alerts via smart speakers
  • Phone notifications can alert you in case of intrusions 

5- Notify Local Authorities

If you have a local night watch group, notify them to keep an eye out for your home in case you are going on vacation or don’t stay at home during the night. Most burglaries happen during the night and it helps to take extra precautions. If you are going to be away, leave lights open to trick burglars into thinking you are home. 

If you do not have a local group that patrols the area at night, consider talking to the local police authorities to keep an eye on your home. Most police patrolmen oblige to such requests and will check-in once in a while for you. You could also ask a friend or two to drop by and check if everything is safe while you are gone. A common way to land yourself in trouble is by posting about your travels on social media. Online platforms serve as poaching grounds for burglars and sharing your travel itinerary online only draws negative attention towards yourself. 


  • Alert the local night watch group
  • Leave lights on if you are away during the night
  • Do not share travel information on social media 

6- Secure Your Home Network

If you have one of those modern home automation systems and smart remotes that allow you to access your garage door using your smartphone, be very careful about your network security. It is recommended to have a separate hidden Wi-Fi network for all your home automation and wireless security systems. If burglars get access to your Wi-Fi, it could have dire consequences.

Do not share your private passwords with anyone and if you need to lend your car to a friend, open the garage door and close it yourself. You should also make use of GPS tracking on your car to confirm that your car is safely parked in the garage from time to time. GPS tracking can be very useful in case of a theft as it helps you track the location of your car remotely. 


  • Use hidden Wi-Fi networks
  • Do not share passwords
  • Use GPS to track your car’s location

7- Be Responsible with Your Privacy

Be Responsible with Your Privacy

If you use your garage to store your stuff, do not let your belongings be visible from outside. Using tinted windows is the best way to avoid the gaze of people passing by. Most garage thefts do not end up with lost cars, but lost belongings. Whether it’s power tools or pantry items, you do not want to give burglars a reason to break into your garage. 

We also recommend keeping your car parked inside the garage instead of the sidewalk at all times. If you own a fancy car, the odds of burglars being tempted to break-in increase dramatically. No matter what garage door anti-theft measures you have, precautions go a long way at preventing thefts. Whether it involves using tinted glasses or curtains, maintaining your privacy is very important. 


  • Keep your car parked inside your garage at all times
  • Use tinted garage windows
  • Keep your garage locked at all times


Taking proper safety precautions and pairing it with a smart gadget is the best way to protect yourself from burglars. You want to maintain privacy and have a solid security system to keep yourself safe at all times. If you have an outdated garage door opener, consider upgrading to avoid instances of your garage being hacked. Install a security camera and hide a portable security device like Mimic GO™.

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