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Mimiq Hub

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Mimiq Hub family of products, you get coverage for your Mimiq devices and other LoRaWAN equipped gadgets that is as good a few blocks down the road as it is next door.

The free-range network

With the Mimiq Hub, no IoT gadget is too unimportant or too far away. Using both long-range LoRaWAN and more traditional Bluetooth, the Mimiq Hub family of products securely and privately connects Mimiq and other LoRaWAN compatible devices in the home, on campus, at a small business and in the neighborhood.

Free Range Network
Mimiq Hub jr

The biggest little hub.

Mimiq is pre-announcing the Mimiq Hub jr., (“junior”) a compact, high-performance, value-priced gateway designed for the home. It is designed to serve as an onramp for Mimiq devices such as Mimiq GO and also for other LoRaWAN and select Bluetooth-enabled devices. Some models will also incorporate crypto-currency mining capabilities, which will be announced as they become available.

The ability for “junior” to participate with various partnered LoRaWAN networks means that it serves not only as a gateway for Mimiq devices used by the customer but also as a gateway for any other participating LoRaWAN equipped devices in the neighborhood.


The miner with a view!

FinestraMiner, a member of the Mimiq Hub family, is a combined crypto-currency miner and IoT gateway that upends the traditional economics of consumer electronics. With FinestraMiner, consumers can connect to the Helium Network and earn passive crypto income in Helium Network Token. By incorporating a reusable adhesive, FinestraMiner can be mounted on a window in seconds giving it improved mining performance. Hence a ‘miner with a view’.

*FinestraMiner mines the Helium Network token ($HNT) and uses the long-range LoRaWAN standard to connect compatible IoT devices -trackers, sensors, and gadgets- to the cloud. Actual income, if any, is subject to, among other factors, the rules of the Helium Network, actual install location, nearby miners, and price of the Helium Token none of which are set by Mimiq.

Finestra AXO