Mimiq is headed to CES 2023, and we hope to see you there! We’ll be revealing market ready, leading edge 5th Generation IoT technologies that make businesses more productive and peoples’ lives safer and easier.

Founded in 2018, Mimiq, Inc. is a Silicon Valley company and industry-leader defining 5th gen IoT and building LoRaWAN integrated products for consumers and businesses across the globe. We’ll be showcasing a new addition to our product line for 2023 – the world’s thinnest location tracker, Mimiq Track. 

Mimiq has been masterfully developing LoRaWAN technology for over 4 years, allowing consumers to stay connected anywhere, even in remote areas. In partnership with the Helium network, our products and solutions gracefully deliver on connecting people with their assets, homes, and loved ones without traditional network barriers. 

Mimiq is defining 5th Generation IoT and changing the game of how things interact with people. Our products and solutions are designed to actively connect our customers to what matters most to them, serving as a convenient, trusted addition to their daily routines.

Learn more about our products below. 

Mimiq Track is allowing the People to take back their space and keep tabs on their most valuable things.

Mimiq GO is setting the benchmark for portable security and what that means for the People, their things, and their spaces – anytime, anywhere.

FinestraMiner continuously delivers unprecedented performance, stability and reliability through times of great change and transformation in the blockchain.